We welcome all enquiries regarding baptism, for children or adults.

Baptism is a sign that you are committed to following Christ, or that you promise to bring up your child in the Christian faith.

For some parents, depending on where you are in your spiritual journey, a thanksgiving for your child may be more appropriate than a baptism.



Thanksgiving Service

  • Time and location are flexible (home, park, church, etc).
  • A donation of $200 is suggested.

A Baptism Service

  • Can only be held in one of our parish churches during a normal Sunday service.
  • To prepare for baptism, we expect parents (or adults being baptised) to complete a course in the basics of being a Christian. This typically consists of six sessions held over six weeks.
  • Parents/adults being baptised are strongly encouraged to be regularly attending members of the church.

For more information, please call 4982 9173.