Blessings to you from the Anglican Parish of Williamtown Medowie Mallabula.

You can find our service times here as well as a run down of the different programs we offer.

But church is much more than the activities we run or the services we hold. Church is about connecting with God. We’d love you to join us in making that connection.

There are times when life makes no sense, or pain and suffering overwhelm us. We don’t claim to have any easy answers. Instead, we look at Jesus and we see that God was willing to suffer alongside humanity and to respond to injustice with love.

Through prayer, reading the Bible and worshipping together, we try to be more like Jesus and to treat other people the way Jesus would like us to treat them.

We’re regularly expanding our website, so please check back again soon. If you’re on Facebook, we encourage you to visit and like our page as it’s a great way of keeping in touch. Even better, we’d love to see you at church on Sunday.